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today was actually an alright day
okay so today was pretty good. well pretty good compared to the previous week. but today we went to new hampshire and we to this giant candle store. sounds lame right?well it wasn't. it was HUGE. and there was like twentydifferent rooms. there was one that was easzter themed and i got a picture with the easter bunny, i'm cool right? and there waan entire section for christmas, and i saw the single mos legit santa ever. his beard was real. like legit, REAL. and him and mrs. clause taught me origami! then theres a candy room, and an outdoorsy kind of room, it was pretty cool. and i got a candle :D (my mom normally doesnt trust me alone with open flames). and now my room smells like cinnamon buns. mmm it smells good. after we went to cracker barrel and i ate some friedchicken. overall it was good. wanna know why? cause did'nt get into any arguements with anyone AT ALL. for the past week an a half i would get into at least 3 arguements or conflicts with someone (normally my mom or sister) but it hasnt happened at all today! i was so stoked. of course the day wasnt neccesarily fantastic either, i just think thatg it was perfect timeing for a daylike today. normally i would just think of a day like this as, okay cool....candles. but no today i was all hyped up and enthusiastic and everything! it was nicee and also i got to talk to tommy for a couple seconds on the phone. (my mother took my iphone, and she deactivated it and ordered a new shitty phone for me. awesome rightt?) but yeah. i needed a day like oday. i have been absolutely miserable this past week and now i think/hope that things will be better now...welp i'm done ranting about nonsense today. i think i'll just goto bed now, g'nighttt

mmm my room smells so good right now ^-^


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