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well i'm sick of being grounded. its been a month and its super annoying. especially for today. theres a party at ethans house and im so pissed that i cant go. i TOTALLY would have snuck  out to go. but tommy being the annoying thoughtful person he is. told me not to cause since i get caught for everythign. i'd probably get caught for that too....which is true i guess but at the time i didnt care. i just wanted to g to that party and i wanted to have fun for the first time IN A MONTH. but yeah, i guess even if he didnt advise me not to, i'd probably chicken out at the last minute anyway. ahaha whateever. i just wish i was there right now :/oh well i'll survive i guess....blah i just want to enjoy my life again. i only have so many days left of being a teenager and being able to live life to the fullest without having to worry about bills or jobs or kids or anything like that. i wont have the same opprotunities 5 years from now as i do today. and its frustrating cause i cant do what i want to do WHILE I CAN ACTUALLY DO IT. blah. this is so stupid


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