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Is It Odd That I Have An Unhealthy Obsession With The Doors?
haha i dont know. i've been literally obsessed. yesterday i watched "When Youre Strange" and it was fantastic, now i'm downoading jim morrisons poetry, and i cant stop listening to them. i love their music, the people, their lyrics, their story. everything. i am infatuated with jim morrison. he completely fascinates me, everything about him. literally everything. is it sad that i completely idolize him? i understand he died from drinking too much, and he had some cocaine, LSD, and other drug problems. but still, his ideas are amazing. some of the things he did seemed completely wack. but his intentions behind them were good. after creating th band, he realized he had so much influence over an entire generation, and he wanted to make a difference, but when he tried to make a difference in Miami, everything went wrong and there was lawsuits against jim, and They became known as a dangerous band because of it. so i guess in a way i feel like i can relate to him, and i'm sure everyone can in a way. he had good intentions but screwed up. this has happened to me countless amounts of times as it had for jim, and just like him i turned to drugs (although not as heavy and often). everytime something went wrong, i'd eother grab a shot, smoke a joint, pop a pill or trip the fuck out. many people look at him like just another crazy kid that lived by sex drugs and rock n' roll, kind of like how i am percieved in a way at high school. but we're both not just those kids your parents warn you about, we are/were just misunderstood, and hurt, and no longer strong enough to fight against the worldon our own. we need to to have help from some of our friends like good ole mary jane and Jack. Jim Morrison is a hero to kids like me and kids like him. he was able to make something of himself and he gives me hope, not neccesarily about the whole dying at 27 from overdrinking. but for the fact that he was able to make a difference and change the world. thats all i really want to do and he proved that people with issues like me and him, us freaks can make something out of epiphany much?


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